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About us

OS treats is a splendid combination of a nutritional value and a delicious taste – originally designed for your dog’s happiness!

Cedrus Com is a manufacturer of natural dog treats located in Republic of Moldova.


Each of us sometimes needs something special and pleasing, including animals.
For him something special is: a bone, a stick, a ball, attention.
For him very special is his dog!

We were inspired by the idea of creating something special: long-lasting, delicious, healthy and most important natural treats for pets, that would bring a lot of joy and pleasure to your four-legged friend.

Today the the issues of healthy and nutritious feeding are very vital towards our four-legged friends. We, by-turn, make our chews for pets only from natural ingredients with care and love to satisfy the demand of group of customers, who care about their beloved pets and proper nutriotion.

We have designed the "OS" – the “Original & Simple” trade mark, a brand that could express and share with others our aspirations and values in the best possible way.

OS treats are made of natural beef, chiken, mutton or turkey and...

...are low in fat and high in protein